A couple of weeks ago, Wendy Brucker, the chef and owner of Rivoli restaurant in Berkeley was here in Florence. Lisa Kaborika (spelling probably very off – sorry Lisa!) arranged a lunch with all of us so Wendy and I could meet, as she is a fan of my book (I was very flattered). While we were having lunch, it came out that Wendy and her husband were trying to think of a good name for her new venture in Berkeley, a simple Italian trattoria-style place on Shattuck Avenue (Berkeley could really use a good Italian resto, BTW).

She was tossing around some different ideas, and said she wouldn’t mind if the name were short, simple, and street-related, like Rivoli – Rue de Rivoli, etc. So I suggested “Corso,” as in the Via del Corso here in Florence. She loved the idea, and it looks like she will be using it for the new restaurant, which I will be very excited to try the next time I am in California. Here’s a link to the newsflash:


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